Ever since I TOOK my first PHOTO at the age of 15, I was intrigued by the fact that I could stop the perpetual motion of time by capturing a moment on film.  

It was not until later on in my life that I came to realize that all those seemingly insignificant moments were not individual entities, but that they told of experiences, influences and events that were part of a whole world, my world.

Unknowingly I have told a story, created a visual diary of my life. Through my images I have become the subject of my own photography. I began to observe the profound role my subconscious was playing. The awareness of my creative process, revealed by this realization, has incited me in living and observing the passing present, fully aware that today's CIRCUMSTANCES AND EVENTS WILL SHAPE AND become the images of TOMORROW.

Born and raised next to the sea IN COLOMBIA I have been sailing since very young, With no ports only horizons I have learned there is no destiny,  jusT the journey, and my constant, the infinite sea.

Rafael Balcazar